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Intuitive solutions that simplify decisions & clarify choice.


What you're spending. 

What you're getting.

Where you're headed.

How you got there.

Developed for business leaders, Aristotle creates visibility & insight

into the critical elements of multi-party 

business relationships & investments.  

  • Creates single point, instant access to key business terms, and your essential cost & performance metrics.

  • ​Organizes the entire relationship    lifecycle – people, communications, issues & measurement.

  • Analyzes & compares terms & trends.​

  • Fully configurable for Enterprise. Integrates with 3rd party api's.

"Smartest Person in the Room"  tool for 

C-level executives, marketing & finance,  investors, agents & attorneys.  


Easy to Use. Simple. Intuitive.    



Enterprise Asset  

Management for Marketers

A single source ecosystem where enterprise managers work together to fully leverage their marketing assets in real time.


Pilot ITG'sTEAM  platform handles nearly every type of marketing resource: from Celebrity Endorsements to Sponsorships & Venue Agreements to Digital Assets to Hard Asset inventories such as signs, staging, tables & chairs.

  • Boost the power of your marketing, reduce your costs & maximize your ROI. One Platform serves Marketing Executives, Media & Creative Teams, Live Event Coordinators & Inventory Managers

Total Mobility

Fleet Mobility's Leading Edge 

Designed by a team of executives with a history of innovation in the data, analytics and automotive industries, Total Mobility has re- engineered and systemized vehicle fleet management to enable clients to track, manage, and optimize on a continuous basis.

How can Total Mobility's Leading Edge tools help Improve your Performance and ROI?

  • Optimize your Vehicle Mix

  • Increase Utilization Rates

  • Right Size your Fleet

  • Fully Align your asset portfolio with strategic goals and objectives

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